Jennifer T.
Jennifer T. I went to the Brooklyn Joybird location to look at the Aime sofa and a few of the swatches in the Royale family (the velvet ones). I chose the Royale Cobalt and am very happy with it. It is a little brighter with direct sunlight and a little darker in the night. In the night it is basically a deep navy blue. I am more into neutrals so it is the perfect pop of color while still being not too crazy of a color. The couch is super comfortable and plush. 3-4 average sized people can sit with room to spare. The sofa is a little taller but you get adjusted to it easily. The pillows provide tons of back support and comfort. I especially love the gold legs - so unique and sleek. The only negative to my experience was the shipping aspect with JB Hunt (the third part delivery company). I live in an apartment building and it can be tricky to get furniture in these types of places... I took all the measurements and was positive it would fit in the building and in my apartment. Long story short, the first time JB Hunt came, they wouldn't take the sofa out of the box (was not going to fit a corner without doing so), the second time they "forgot" to bring the sofa with them, but fortunately the third time the delivery men were a breeze to work with, took the sofa out of the box, and easily got it into my apartment. It was a frustrating and long process, but Joybird was very sympathetic and accommodating. I am very pleased with their customer service. They had no problem to continue to send the sofa out to me via delivery until I was satisfied that everything had been tried to get it into my apartment. They were extremely professional, and ultimately it was worth it to be able to get my sofa in my apartment. I've only had the sofa for about a week so I don't know how it fares over time with wear and tear. I am definitely being very careful with it with food and liquid (including water). All in all this is a great sofa, and is the perfect addition to my studio. Would definitely recommend.