Holly F.
Holly F. I was nervous about ordering online but could not find much to choose from that had a tight back. (I was tired of constantly plumping cushions that always looked messy) We ordered the Hughes Loveseat in November but, due to construction delays weren't able to choose a fabric until March. Once we did that, it came very quickly. We love our loveseat but, it shipped without hardware to attach the legs. It took two phone calls to get everything we needed but they were easy to attach and we managed to set it upright on our own. I am pleased with the construction - the fabric is a perfect match to the swatch and the weave is perfectly straight on the piece and the cushions (which are wonderfully firm, BTW) Is the perfect size, sturdy enough and has plenty of room for more than 2 people. It is a deep seat - DH can sit perfectly but I found I needed a pillow. So, now I have an excuse to make some decorative pillows! We hope this will last us well into our twilight years!! I have passed on our swatch box to friends.