Kara W.
Kara W. I combined the Aubrey chair with the Roddy ottoman, both in the Cordova Eclipse fabric and medium tone wood. The chair is the perfect place to curl up – it’s that big! Being that size, it’s great for both small and large bodies. Working with Joybird has been a terrific experience. I changed my mind about the color of wood on the chair and they were quick to accommodate that. And when I had some issues with the ottoman, they were incredibly responsive and generous. The upholstery wasn’t finished well on the bottom – the mitered corners were raw and the dust cover wasn’t tacked on well. They offered me the option of having a technician come to fix it, but since I’m pretty handy I felt comfortable getting out my staple gun and repairing it myself. Joybird and I were both thrilled with the result and my warranty isn’t voided by doing the work on my own – and it was much less hassle! (Matching cat is highly recommended to tie everything together!)