Emaline E.
Emaline E. I love this sofa at least as much as my cats do! It's honestly so beautiful. The fabric is so incredibly soft, I could just pet on it all day. The sofa, however, is perfectly firm. It does not give too much when you sit down, so you get a good amount of support, and it is really such a dream to sit on. I was not home for the delivery, but my partner says it is solidly built and was quite impressed by the construction and the delivery of the sofa. Both cats have tried to claw at it, but only once and I don't know if it was my response, or what but they haven't tried it again. My partner said that he watched one of them trying to claw at it, but she seemed "unsatisfied" and has not tried since. It does seem they really love the couch though. They used to sleep on our bed with us, but now they spend their nights on the sofa. Aeris(the one pictured) really tries to take as much space as possible when she is laying on the couch. She gets really annoyed if you try to move her too. A first for her. She never cared that much about any of our furniture, but she loves this couch. My partner and I are both fat people. I'm 258 lbs, and I feel completely secure on this sofa. The solid construction is noticeable when you are a person of size, and appreciated! I've used to junky Ikea couches. I'm used to the cushions giving way too much and the frame of the sofa sighing under me. This couch does not do that! Both my partner and I can sit on this couch without fear! It's an absolute joy to snuggle up together on and watch a movie. I don't worry about making sure I'm balanced correctly and not putting too much pressure on the sofa. It's amazing and I love it! My one sort of complaint is a very personal problem and unlikely to affect other people. You see, my partner and I love to game, and typically we do this from our sofa. Our computers are set up in our living room and we use our tv as of computer monitor. As you can see in the photograph, this typically involves us using boards to hold our keyboards and mice on our laps. This sofa, because of the way it's designed, does not make that an easy nor comfortable task. So we need to rethink our gaming set up. The issue is that the way the seat back is shape is really for more of a reclining position, which is perfect for a couch(!), but makes it difficult to comfortably sit while gaming. Certainly the Stowe has spurred this issue, but honestly....it's not the fault of the sofa, and we just need to figure out a better way to set up our gaming set up. Overall, the Stowe gets a 5/5 from me! I love it! It's beautiful and impressive. It's a lovely couch and I am so pleased to have purchased it! I will be back to buy more from Joybird!