Natalie G.
Natalie G. In love with my Hughes Sofa! After months of debate over what fabric to go with I ended up choosing Bentley Daisey. I could not be more thrilled with how the sofa turned out. It goes perfectly with my style and most importantly, it's comfort exceeds all expectations. To any future buyers I would definitely recommend taking the time to order the swatch kit when choosing a fabric to fit your space, I was amazed at all the different textures Joybird offered. I ultimately choose Bentley Daisey based on its apparent durability and at the same time soft, but not too soft feel. The cushions are nice too, they stay in form. The last couch I had was from Ashley and I was constantly fluffing the cushions back as soon as I would get up. Bottom line, I'm blown away at how Joybird makes comfort meet style along with quality!