Heather H.
Heather H. We are about a month in on this couch so this review will not address long term wear. I first want to say that the delivery process could not have been more painless - there was no waiting or miscommunication whatsoever. I was one of those people with 50 tabs open and an array of swatches all over the living room, so I was really nervous about whether this would be THE couch so we asked to save all of the packing in case of a return. Fortunately we are about to sheet mulch the front yard because it will not be needed and would otherwise be a bit of a pain to deal with! Ok so the couch: we love it! It met a lot of criteria for us - we wanted a couch comfortable enough to sleep on (but not an actual sleeper sofa), a single seating cushion, no button/tufts in the seat cushion (crumb collectors!) but some (or something else interesting) on the back rest, slim legs, and no weird pillows necessary. We knew this one checked all the boxes but did that mean it looked good??? It does! It's a really, really handsome couch. Despite measuring six ways from Sunday the couch felt LARGE when it arrived, which was great for us because our living room is huge, but really: measure this one, particularly how high it is and how deep the seating area is. This latter measurement is, I think, the place where some people might not like this couch - I am 5'8" and my feel still do not touch the floor when I sit all the way back. This does not bother me at all since I rarely sit like that on the couch but I think it could annoy someone else. The last thing I'd mention is the fabric: we chose it both because we liked it and because we have two kids who basically use the couch like a jungle gym. I had perversely fallen in love with a velvet couch but knew that it would look like hell in three weeks with those two around and this seemed like a pretty great compromise. It's really good looking! I will say - and this is pretty much the only negative thing I'd render about this couch - is that it does attract some lint. At first I was pretty bummed about this but it's actually super easy to brush off, I think there's something about the varied texture of the fabric that helps with this. So yes, I am that lady who once or twice a day kind of beats/brushes the couch until it looks nice, but what the hell, I've suffered far worse in the name of aesthetics over the years and this couch looks fab. Given that this was our first large furniture purchase online, we're psyched!