James C.
James C. We got our Chelsea sofa in Royal Apple and could not be happier with both the color and the feel of the Royal fabric. When you sit on it you’ll probably find yourself running your hands over the fabric the entire time—enjoying the sensation of the fabric but also the patterns made in the grain when it stands and lies down. This sofa makes a statement. It’s big, beautiful and invites you to sit on it. Speaking of sitting on it, it’s very comfortable for sitting or even lounging. The back is perfect for sliding down and kicking your feet up on your ottoman or even your coffee table. It’s not, however, the kind of sofa you’d want to sleep on. It’s a bit firm for sleeping in my opinion. That isn’t to be taken as a con, though. You don’t need a bed in your living room. You need a sofa. And this is a sofa—in both its beautiful form and in its excellent function.