Maggie M.
Maggie M. We chose one of the velvet fabrics (royal gunmetal), and it feels like a hug every time we plop down on it. This sectional replaced a couch and loveseat in our living room, and there is plenty of room for all three of us. The couch arrived a little earlier than expected, and we were out of town. Joybird arranged for the couch to be stored until we returned, which was so convenient. Excellent customer service and a fantastic piece of furniture. What more could we ask for? The Lyle Leather Ottoman is so incredibly versatile. One minute it's functioning as an ottoman. Throw a tray on there and suddenly it's a table for our drinks and snacks. For better or for worse, it is also serving as a gymnastics apparatus for our 8-year-old daughter. I don't recommend you purchase it for that specific purpose, but my daughter might disagree.