Anna C.
Anna C. Ever since my husband and I have moved-in together, we’ve always given away the couch we’ve bought at every apartment-move. I must say, this time around; we found our “forever couch” (&ottoman). We got it in Royals Ash. And it is the most ginormous, softest, cloud-like thing you could ever lay on for a couch. Our cat sons are enjoying it as well; it’s their giant bed. They’ve initially attempted to scratch it, as cats do. However, the couch is so well made that it is almost impossible for them to be successful in doing so. We chose to get the sofa model for stability. I’ve had many friends whom have “pieces” couches and have always had some sort of negative experience w the pieces not staying together, especially when laying. And we added the ottoman because we wanted to have a choice to have a sectional that you can switch left vs right side. I don’t think this couch could be as perfect if not having the ability to have the swatches. You get the small samples. If you’re indecisive between a couple of choices, especially have two little rug rats. We were provided large samples that we were able to try w our felines. We’ve never had to purchase such a large furniture on-line, but with the Joybird business model.... how could you not?! Everyone was great!!!!! From my pondering thoughts through chat, emails, then texts (options of communication); everyone was fantastic. Lastly, you get updated status of your furniture, once you’ve decided and completed your decision. It was such a great experience, will do it, recommend it all over again in a heart beat. The Cook’s