Lauren B.
Lauren B. Love this couch. LOVE. The only thing I didn't love was how long it took to arrive, which was a lot longer than initially predicted by Joybird and partly the fault of the local delivery company (I had to do a fair share of calling and asking questions to get some answers, which was a pain in the butt - come to find out it was delayed, and sitting in a back room at a local delivery company, but kinda wish Joybird would have got that sorted out rather than me having to do it). Felt like I was waiting forever, though I will say that it was well worth the wait. The couch is high quality, comfy, soft, beautiful, and did not have any off-gassing smell. It's a deep couch - I'm 5'9" and still need some pillows behind my back and a pouf/ottoman to get comfy - but that wasn't unexpected. I get compliments on this couch every day. The Ponder Sourpatch is a GREAT fabric. The pillow you see (the gray/green one) is also a Joybird pillow. Awesome well-made pillow cover, but the pillow itself is too small for the cover, so the fabric isn't taut, which kinda stinks. I'm gonna have to buy a bigger pillow to fill it out, which is a bit disappointing, since I paid $50 bucks for that thing (including shipping). Lastly - I found Joybird's customer service to be delightful, which is (sadly) rare. All in all, a good experience. I'll definitely buy from them again.