Lauren B.
Lauren B. Eliot bench is a solid, pretty piece of furniture. We often host gatherings, and there was never enough room for folks to sit. This is awesome, since it's not super wide, and fits under the stairs without protruding into the living room too much. We paired this with the Aubrey sofa in Ponder Sourpatch; it's a fantasic combo. The only downside was that the bench and sofa took a really long time to get here, but some of that was the fault of the local delivery company. I had to spend about two hours on the phone with various shipping companies to find out where the heck my delivery was, even after calling Joybird to inquire, since it was already 3 weeks late from predicted arrival date. Joybird customer service was friendly, but I ended up having to do the legwork to find my couch and bench, which wasn't ideal (it was sitting in a back room at a local delivery company in Portland, Maine). All and all, it was worth it to have such great pieces of furniture - both gorgeous, solid, and functional. Gotta love Joybird. I'll definitely return to purchase their awesome furniture as needed - I'm hooked!