Joanne S.
Joanne S. We wanted to pick styles, fabrics, and colors that were comfortable, attractive, and easy to care for. We spent a lot of time pouring over the reviews, photos, swatches, and product information before making our selections and are happy with our choices. The Hughes Sofa, Korver Swivel Chair, and Hughes Apartment Ottomans are firm enough to give good support and cushy enough to be comfortable. The Hughes Sofa is very nappable—a 6-foot man has more than enough room to stretch out. The Bentley fabrics have a nice feel to them. Since they’re ribbed a bit like corduroy and seem two-toned, they don’t highlight each speck of dust that falls on them. We’ve been careful not to drop anything staining on them but like the fact that we'll be able to clean them with water if we slip up. It may seem contradictory, but the color Bentley Indigo manages to be both striking and neutral. It’s bold enough to be eye-catching, but it blends well with other colors. We think the gray shade of our Bentley Pewter chair, ottoman, and boxed pillows complements our indigo sofa well. We also love the look and feel of our Bella Merlot pillows. We’re disappointed that Merlot is no longer available. We’re sorry we didn’t buy more pillows in that color when we had the chance. If you see a fabric you like, grab it—he who hesitates is lost!