Kelley J.
Kelley J. We are totally in love with our new couch! The color and velvet fabric are amazing, just what we were looking for. The high-density foam feels awesome. The quality of this piece of furniture is obvious. My 6'4" fiance can stretch out on this couch completely and comfortably. The back sits a just the right height for him (and me!) as well. It's upright, but not too upright. Very comfortable for hanging out on, which we've basically done since it arrived. Our only complaints would be that the left cushion doesn't sit in the couch perfectly, like it's just slightly too big or something. Not a big deal, so we're just gonna see how it settles out with use. The other issue we experienced was with shipping. Somehow, Joybird lost track of where our sofa was. The online tracking said it arrived off the train a full week+ before it actually did, so we had been waiting for JB Hunt to call for days before I called Joybird to see what the deal was. That's when they told me that, actually, the couch was still on the train and JB Hunt would get in touch with us within the next five days, JB Hunt was prompt once it DID finally arrive off the train, but then they wanted it wait another three weeks before delivery! I explained to them the delay we'd already experienced that asked if there was anything they could do. They put me on a brief hold and were able to find a date within the next week to deliver. Delivery was great, a total breeze. They were prompt and professional. We are so thrilled to have living room furniture now! Would definitely buy from Joybird again.