Lanna J.
Lanna J. This couch is a statement piece that ties my apartment living room space together perfectly! The green fabric is the subtle but not totally obtrusive pop of color that livens up the room. I was worried that the texture of the fabric might be too rough, but it's actually quite nice. Within the first week of its residence, I also accidentally tested it's fabric's stain-resistance properties when I dripped melted ice cream onto it--after a few dabs with a damp cloth, I can't tell where my faux pas occurred. Aesthetics aside, I love how spacious and comfortable this Hughes Sectional is. The depth of the couch is perfect and I really appreciate the subtle inclined back support. This couch serves its dual purpose as both a TV watching couch for evenings but also book-reading lounger for lazy Sundays. The cushions are firm contrast to the springy, sinking cushions on my last couch--I definitely find myself spending A LOT more time in my living room now that I have a couch that is comfortable enough for me to lounge for hours on! I also love the flexibility that the reversible sectional provides, although sometimes the sectional bit does seem to move around more than I'd like. I wish that the sectional bit came with hardware to attach the sectional to the main couch.