Patricia H.
Patricia H. I love my new Stowe Sofa- it is stunning. I got it in Cobalt Royale fabric- and it is very pet friendly. Doesn't seem to attract the hair from the Master Cat. The reason for the three stars is that it makes a popping noise when I get up. Immediately called customer service and was told to submit a video to customer support, which I did. They are supposed to contact you within 48 hours and so after 3 days, I called and was told the video did not attach. I had received a notification email after submitting the information so had no way of knowing the video did not attach. My expectation is that someone should have let me know the video was missing. Had I not called back, would still be waiting for a response. I then submitted another video- and when I didn't hear back the next day, called again. At that time, Pedro, had me stay on the phone while he located the video and got a response back from the warranty team. Now, I am waiting for a week or so for a repair person to schedule to come inspect the couch. They think it may have something to do with how the legs were put on. I really hope it isn't a big issue and that my new couch isn't broken. It saddens me to only give three stars but it wasn't five stars. I will say that Pedro was very accommodating, apologetic and diffused my anger. I waited the maximum time to receive the couch, maybe a few days over. What took additional time to receive it was delivery. Once they receive the order, you then schedule with the delivery service who has their own timelines. That resulted in over an additional week wait to receive my order. I realize things can happen with delivery, but it is sad when you spend a lot of money and have to have a repair. It eats up my time and energy. My satisfaction will depend on if the couch has to be replaced or not.