Mary Cristina K.
Mary Cristina K. I am so pleased with my Gervin sofa and Hughes apartment chairs from Joybird. I recently downsized from a house to a small condo and really wanted to be careful to a) utilize my space well and b) update to a fresh and modern look. I spent so long deciding what fabrics to go with, and I really appreciate that I could see and feel so many different swatches before I made my choices. I absolutely love the color and texture of the Impact Flurry! I'm trying not to let my dog on the sofa, but she sneaks up there sometimes. The fabric has held up just fine, despite doggie nails! The furniture always looks nice and neat--perfect for my living room. It's firm and comfortable as a bed, too, when one of my sons comes home from college. I just throw some sheets on it--and wa-laa. I have asked many questions throughout the process, and my texts are always promply answered. Joybird is a great company to do business with. I used the financing and am pleased with that part of the transaction as well. Mary Cris Kohn