Tate W.
Tate W. Our Korver sofa was well worth the wait! It’s streamlined, firm but comfortable and so roomy. There’s plenty of space for my husband, our 75lb chocolate lab (laid out between us) and me on the other side. You could easily seat 4 people since there is only one seat cushion, no one has to sit in the crack between cushions. We chose Lucky Divine for our fabric, it’s the perfect blend of off white/tan. So far it appears that the upholstery is firm, seams are tight and should last for a long time. We’ve not had any spills or accidents yet but I think it will be easy to clean up. We actually like our Korver so much we’ve decided to purchase the matching Korver Apartment Sofa. Now for the small negative. When we put all the legs on including the middle support leg the couch would not sit level. The middle leg was so much taller that the rest of the feet were not touching the ground. We remedied this by taking the tap off the middle support leg and that seemed to level all the legs out. Joybird said that the support leg did not have to be used but we felt like on a 90” couch we should use it. Not a huge issue for us. Overall we are satisfied so far with our Korver and hope it last is for many many more years.