Kaia R.
Kaia R. I was nervous purchasing this couch being that it was my first real “grown up” purchase for my apt (aka super expensive).. that I’d never seen it in person, aaand that the wait was so long to get it. I was starting to worry that it wouldn’t live up to everything I was hoping it to be. Well, I’m happy to report - it has! I love this couch and am super happy I took the plunge. The fabric is luxurious to the touch, yet durable... and casual in appearance, yet clearly a quality piece of furniture. There are small straps with hooks that hold the cushions in place and discrete metal tabs that rotate out from the bottom of each section to hold your chosen arrangement together. When my bf comes over we move the ottoman to the middle and it’s basically like laying in a queen size bed. Perfect couch for binge watching. My cat also loves laying on the edge where I have that light blue throw placed. This couch will no doubt be a staple piece of furniture in my life for years to come.