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An unmistakably mid-century silhouette meets its match in the highest, most rugged materials on the market.
What makes the Simic media console an unstoppable work of art isn’t its gracious storage options, pre-cut media holes, or the fact that you can choose your favorite wood to create the perfect look for your home. Okay, maybe those are the best parts. But the better-best part is the fact that it’s built by hand to ensure it exceeds industry standards in every way.
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Handcrafted For You

Boasting storage galore, chic lines, and retro accents, the Simic is handcrafted with only the highest of standards. Using responsibly sourced, top-of-the-line materials, we build every element by hand to ensure that it surpasses every expectation and becomes a lasting centerpiece in your home.

Higher Expectations

You’re probably used to pieces mass manufactured by companies in a hurry, not made to last past next month (though they’ll never tell you that). Meanwhile, we’re proud of our wood pieces and handcraft them to make sure they withstand the test of time. No fillers, no warping, no cutting corners.
Customer Spaces
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Simic Features


Responsibly Sourced Wood

It’s just good manners to put back what you take, so we’re actively planting more trees than we use to create our products.

Handmade Quality

At our workshop, you’ll never find mass-produced pieces. Instead, each bit of our furniture is made by hand to ensure it meets our high, high quality standards.

Top-Notch Materials

Because we use natural, kiln-dried hardwoods as a starting point for our furniture, it’s guaranteed never to warp or crack.
Handcrafted for You
We’ll keep making furniture the old-fashioned way. Each piece is designed, cut, glued, screwed, upholstered, and finished by our skilled craftsmen and women at our workshop.
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See why customers love the Simic Media Console

Read real customer reviews and what they’re saying about this product.

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  • Nathon S
    Beautiful but not solid wood
    I absolutely love this piece, its gorgeous! The overall look is just stunning. However sadly it is not solid wood. It’s veneer. So just be aware of that. I wish it was solid wood! We moved and it was difficult to maneuver into our new smaller space, it fit but just barely and the movers dinged it a little. If ... 
  • Raquel C
    Our Simic is a breathtaking piece of furniture in our home. It took months if researching to find the perfect one but we did! It’s stylish and functional— looks so great in our mcm meets desert Southwest home!
  • John O
    Clean simple lines
    Our Simic Console is design and built like a fine piece of furniture. The mid century modern style fits perfectly into our Ranch style home. We use it to hold our 82" television with still plenty of space on both ends to balance out the look. It makes our living room complete! I'm delighted to have found this piece!
  • Will G
    Awesome console!
    Perfect for a 55” flatscreen
  • Kim S
    Great console
    We ordered the Toscano Table along with the Simic Media Console. The finishing was close in color. While the table had some spots on the finishing, the console was perfect. It's large enough to store my china and silver service. We were very please with it.
  • Kim S
    Great console
    We ordered the Toscano Table along with the Simic Media Console. The finishing was close in color. While the table had some spots on the finishing, the console was perfect. It's large enough to store my china and silver service. We were very pleased with it.
  • Joshua V
    Great quality
    This media console made our living room special!
  • Erica A
    3rd Times a Charm!
    5 stars for Joybird's Customer Service! 4 stars for the actual piece only because there were a few inconsistencies with the build. I still love the Console even though we had to have three, yes THREE different ones delivered. The third one still isn't perfect but Joybird compensated and I'm happy with it!
  • Stephen C
    MC Console
    Great console. Use as a stand for my large living room TV - works great. Love the look.
  • Rob J
    The first day I had my new setup of desk and media console. Three separate people commented that my office was fit for Don Draper of MadMen. The media console has style and personality. It is truly a quality piece. Thanks Joybird!
  • Ross S
    This piece is very well made and we love it!
  • Denise O
    Center piece of my house
    My house is small and open, this console completes the simple, minimalist design I was hoping for. It mixes well with my Stickley pieces and contemporary art. Thank you Joybird for creating this lovely console for me.
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