Customer Pets Gallery

Janette Espino
March 21, 2019
I love my couches! I've only had them for a week or so and they've been great with all my dogs and cats.
Michele Colvin
March 18, 2019
We love our Serena sectional and ottomans. The fabric is soft and luxurious as well and pet friendly. We have the best of both worlds and now enough seating to entertain friends and family. We have a small vintage apartment and having a sectional that fit the space was very important, definitely a good purchase.
Karen Simcsak
March 14, 2019
Dog and family tested and approved! Well worth the wait!
Justine El-khazen
March 11, 2019
Everyone's pretty excited about our new chair! Eliot Sleeper Sofa looks great in our new living room!
Dan Vander Ploeg
March 11, 2019
The Owen Chair is big enough for two adult cats and then some!
Andrea Ables
March 09, 2019
Babybird loves Joybird
Jason Boone
March 09, 2019
This piece is officially approved. Perfect fit for a space we can now use as a spare guest bedroom.
Jane Stone
March 09, 2019
Our new sofa looks perfect in our mid century modern home.
Ashley Warnhoff
March 07, 2019
We love our chair!!! It is so comfortable!! It seems like it has a small profile but when sitting it in it’s super deep and actually really roomy. When we got it the rocker clanked but joybird sent someone out to repair it and now it’s perfect!!! Excellent customer service!! Can’t wait to get another.
Sarah Quinn
March 06, 2019
We are loving the rich color of this couch!
Laura Delledonne
March 06, 2019
I love my new sofa! The color is even more beautiful in person and makes my room look so cheery and happy! Very comfortable to sit on and the sofa is also super comfortable . I smile every time I walk past it :)
Erin Mccarley
March 04, 2019
Our pup Neil loves it, and his fur doesn't show!
Sallie Plumley
March 04, 2019
We adore our new bumper sectional. It is exactly what we need in our space! And the pet friendly fabric is the perfect addition to our high traffic living room!
Shelby Charnoff
March 03, 2019
Our spirited cat, Chloe, enjoys creating pillow forts and lounging on her new Eliot sofa. There's enough space underneath to store items and for Chloe to take naps. It's firm, yet comfortable and is definitely eye catching!
Gina Rush
March 03, 2019
We love our joybird sofa!

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