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Customer Pets Gallery

Nicole Yanos
July 14, 2019
Freyja keeping a close eye on things from her new favorite perch.
Meredith Sembello
July 12, 2019
Perfect in our new living room
Chandler Witherington
July 11, 2019
Love this chair! The color is perfect and it is very comfortable. It has also become the favorite sleeping spot for our cats!
Andrea Dreyfuss
July 08, 2019
Love this couch. It’s comfy and as you can tell the littler people in our place approve.
Jill Goodwin
July 07, 2019
My puppy loves the Ottoman's softness so much, he decided it was the perfect place for some zzz's!!!
Jerry Wallace
July 06, 2019
Superb! The perfect fit for any cat!!!
Nikki Sass
July 06, 2019
My bundle of joy arrived today. I couldn’t be happier. The sofa is the right balance of firmness so that you’re not being eaten by the couch, but plush enough to spend a day reading.
Sue Amar
July 05, 2019
This sofa is beautiful! I'm so pleased with every aspect of my order and interacting with JoyBird staff for advice along the way. It's very well made, firm and as described. The fabric is indeed pet-friendly (doesn't show cat hair and is holding up with some scratching). Overall worth the wait and a piece I'll have for a long time.
Alicia Owens
July 02, 2019
Sofa delivery was well-coordinated and easy. JB Hunt called to coordinate a delivery time, so we knew exactly when to expect it. I ordered fabric swatches to test with the pets before ordering because we have a dog and two cats who shed short hair everywhere. The Taylor felt grey hides the hair really well and the single cushion means fewer creases for hair to fall into. I'm optimistic that it will also hold up to paws and claws as well. I am extremely pleased with the comfort of the sofa as well. The cushion is firm so that you don't sink into it, but has sufficient softness to be inviting.
Tami Letsinger
July 02, 2019
Definitely dog approved. I love my new couch and rug! Added so much to my living space. Extra Benefit to have the extra durable fabric for my life!
Sarah Johnson
June 30, 2019
We LOVE this sectional, it's very comfortable and finally a piece of furniture that is in a style that we love and the correct size for our small living room. The process of ordering, financing and receiving the couch was seamless and timely. (We're repainting please forgive the tan scuffed wall lol)
Lynnette Werning
June 27, 2019
Our cats love our house full of Joybird furniture!
Jennifer Ganata
June 26, 2019
I had no idea how much I would love this couch. It has hands down been one of my most adult purchases ever. It’s extremely comfortable. I have fallen asleep on it multiple times. It’s also surprisingly firm. It’s also so easy to maintain even with this little shedding monster.
Susan Gomez
June 23, 2019
I love my Hopson sectional with bumper in the stunning Taylor Tonic color. It is comfortable, makes my mid-February dreams come true, and perfect for my space! Customer service was amazing and my sofa arrived well ahead of schedule!
Megan Soule
June 22, 2019
We have had this couch for about a month now and I absolutely love it. The quality is great, it’s perfect for a dog because the pet hair doesn’t stick to the leather. It’s is puppy and people approved. I love the way it looks in our living room. It is a great size for our apartment but is a large enough piece that could carry with us to a bigger space. Also Joybird sent us a handwritten thank you note after we bought the couch! They have an amazing customer experience!
Julie Lindborg
June 22, 2019
The couch is pretty much the center point of all activity (and inactivity) in the house. Aside from the fabric being very easy to vacuum, I love love love how big / wide the seating cushions are. Having no extra back cushions means you get so much extra space on the couch for lounging, napping, and doing a hang with your pets.

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