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Molly Helm
September 20, 2019
We love our new sofa--and it's an ideal addition to my home office, and it's an extra bonus that the green matches my cat's eyes...
Kristin Lowder
September 20, 2019
CeCe approved!
Allie Masterson
September 19, 2019
We love our Joybird couch. It arrived a bit unbalanced due to an issue with the evenness of the legs, but once resolved it's a beautiful piece. The Essence Aqua fabric is the perfect combination of color yet slightly neutral, and does well to hide our dog's white fur. Very comfortable with deep seats and plenty of room on the chaise.
Jimmy Crow
September 17, 2019
I love this chair! So does my little friend named Bumble. It's hard to fond some time when he is not sleeping in it so I can sit down and enjoy it. This is the only thing i own from Joybird that isn't made of solid wood but it's just as sturdy and strong as my Soto chairs.
Nichole Stolin
September 17, 2019
Happy National Dog Day!
Benjamin Mallender-berg
September 17, 2019
London approves of the new furniture
Stephanie Finn
September 16, 2019
Pup approved
Hans Jonsson
September 15, 2019
Love it, so does Oliver
Michele Barr-cook
September 14, 2019
Me and Geo looovve our 3 bryant corner chairs. these piecee have taken my lounging to a new level.
Kelsey Robinson
September 12, 2019
The Joybird is doggo-approved.
Dita De Soto
September 11, 2019
When you are so bougie you need to take up the entire couch
Ryan Nelson
September 11, 2019
Best hang-out spot
Jimmy Crow
September 08, 2019
Beautiful color and so well made. Very sturdy, very solid. The fabric must been seen and touched to see how well it is sewn and constructed. Looks and feels like it will last forever. My two little friends above spend all day on it.
Ian Crawford
September 05, 2019
Beautiful, quality piece! Purchased in Tussah Snow fabric and Medium wood stain, the color and quality is excellent. The ordering and delivery process was painless and we even received them a week earlier than anticipated. We could not be happier with our new Joybird furniture! As a side note, I'm 6'3" and can comfortably stretch out for a nap on this couch!
Amanda Jensen
September 04, 2019
Love this couch so much!
Jacqueline Nelson
September 03, 2019
Adding the cozy dog bed MIGHT help keep Hershey off my crazy comfy Lewis sofa and ottoman. Fingers crossed! I love the versatility of using the ottoman to create a sectional. A perfect mobile option for my small space.
Leigh Warren
September 03, 2019
Love the chair & ottoman. Great size. Perfect for a small space. Our pup loves to snuggle in it too
Cari Noble
September 03, 2019
Love this color against the wood! We are really happy with this couch. We are pretty short people, though, so it needs some pillows to be a comfortable depth for us.
Fahad Siadat
September 02, 2019
Solid, lovely couch. We love the firmness of the cushions and that the back is one, non-detachable piece. Nicely in-between a classic design and something more modern.

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