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Jennifer Schwedler
January 17, 2019
So many compliments on my swag from Joybird.
Kelsey Buek
January 14, 2019
This rug is GORGEOUS. We moved and were finally able to get it settled this weekend. It looks amazing with our furniture and floors. We could not be any more thrilled with this!
Jamie Bartholomew
January 07, 2019
Love it
Alexis Maxwell
January 07, 2019
We love this rug. It looks bright and welcoming in our living room and the colors are great. It also goes great with the Hughes Grand Sofa! So far we have had a delivery man's dirty boots leave a black footprint on the rug AND one of my dogs vomited on it in 3 places BUT all the stains came out and the rug still looks brand new! Cleans well and is durable!
Olga Skorapa,
January 07, 2019
This sofa is beautiful and well made. It is also extremely uncomfortable, too stiff. It does not give at all when we sit on it. We can't relax when sitting on it. It is hard and unyielding.
Alison Crawford
January 07, 2019
Joy the dog pouting that she cannot be on the comfy Joybird couch.
Meghan Reid
January 06, 2019
I love this new little sofa! It’s super cozy and beautiful. I decided on this style because I have a TINY San Francisco apartment and it is elegant and seats 2 very comfortably without occupying all the limited floor space. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the design, construction, and fabric. I feel really good about this investment! Baxter is a big fan too
Jason Wong
January 06, 2019
Our pup getting his fur all over our new sofa, but enjoying its comfort.
Mary Jungels
January 05, 2019
We love our Fitzgerald Ottoman, and spend every morning having coffee with with a Beagle on our lap.
Whitney Marmer
January 05, 2019
We love the durable fabric and the oversized seating.
Katherine Doyle Feingold
January 04, 2019
Love it!
Jacqueline Marque
January 04, 2019
So we brought home this cutie from @zeusrescues yesterday. She’s made herself at home here (she’s sitting in my lap purring up a storm) and I think she wants to stay. She has striking black markings extending from the corners of her eyes, so we’re thinking about calling her Cleopatra.
Juliette Ober
January 04, 2019
We purchased the Hughes Apartment Ottoman to match the Apartment Sofa and its a great match. Sometimes ottomans just don't feel right but this one is perfect! It is firm and hits your legs at the right place. I sit on it sometimes when we have a lot of people and need extra seating. We also use it with our other Hughes pieces (chairs) and it switches out to fit them also! Joybird rocks!
Rachel Forringer
December 28, 2018
Maisie is a fan! Her mom likes the cushions as well...
Diana Galarraga
December 27, 2018
Momma Coco loves our new Liam Sleeper! So comfy, cozy and just beautiful!
Heidi Glidden
December 27, 2018
White Christmas
Annette Lovett
December 23, 2018
We’re so delighted with our sofa! It’s the essence of comfort and seats two teens and an adult very comfortably. The workmanship is excellent - thank you so much!
Lyn Baier
December 22, 2018
We love this sofa! The loveseat is perfect for three adults (or two adults and a large pup!) and very comfortable.
Gina Keir
December 21, 2018
Hazel is in love with the new Hopson chair, as are her humans.

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