Loveseats in Modern, Mid-Century or Traditional Styles

With a name like loveseat, you can’t help but grin when you see these friendly little sofas. Compact and tidy, we pour the same amount of time and effort into creating our cozy two-seaters as we do our full-size pieces. Ideal for smaller living rooms and apartments, a loveseat can also make a great fit in the bedroom to create extra seating for a reading nook or lounge.

Another eye-catching way to arrange loveseats is to put two couches opposite of one another for an intimate conversation space. Versatile and accommodating, this type of configuration works well even in the largest of rooms. Best of all, because of their smaller size, a loveseat can provide the perfect canvas for unleashing your creativity when it comes to upholstery. Choose something daring to bring an unexpected pop of color into your décor and let your loveseat make a big impact despite its diminutive size.

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