Our Workshop
Look inside our workshop and meet the talent artisans that handcraft every piece of furniture.

Committed to Excellence

Our skilled workshop team holds themselves to the highest standards, not because we say so, but because we care. Challenging ourselves each and every day, we strive to make the pieces that will last a lifetime and be with your family forever. Take our word for it, the inside of your sofa is just as pretty as the outside.

A Cut Above

A Cut Above

When’s the last time you had something exactly the way you wanted it without paying an arm and a leg to get it? We believe furniture should be as personal and unique as you are, therefore our “standard” is really a relative term. We don’t build furniture to please the masses; we only want to build the furniture that pleases you.

Experience the Difference

Experience the Difference

We use only the finest, most high-quality materials available, working closely with responsible vendors bringing you what we feel is the best product available. Don't be fooled by others, order Joybird and experience the difference for yourself.

Paving the Way

As more and more companies move overseas, we keep our manufacturing close to home in North America, helping grow local communities by providing well paying jobs, benefits, and a family culture like no other.

Competitive Pay

Giving back to our community, we offer some of the industries' most competitive pay rates to our workshop force.

Medical Benefits

We not only offer full medical benefits, but even have treatment facilities on-site in our workshop should anything go wrong.

Parties & Fun

Sometimes it's just good to kick back, and with this many employee's chances are there's always a birthday party.

Watch Us Create

See how some of our most popular pieces are made and take a journey in the daily life of a workshop.


Soto Chair


Patchwork Liam Sofa


Hughes Collection


Saving the rainforest, one tree at a time. Planting trees with every purchase, we’re committed to making a healthier, more sustainable planet. 144,746 trees planted