Stylish Rugs, From Mid-Century to Contemporary Designs

If you’ve ever seen a room that’s impeccably decorated yet looks unfinished, it may be because it needs an exceptional rug to tie it all together. The right floor covering can make a world of difference in any setting and is an easy way to frame in a living room’s sitting area or create a grounded look in the master bedroom. From Oriental, Indian and Moroccan-inspired rugs that can give your home a global jet-setting look to contemporary patterns and more subtle weaves, we offer a wide array of rugs to suit every type of décor.

Opt for a bold geometric rug that hints at the best of the Atomic Era or layer your living room in luxurious modern shag for a plush pile rug that’s infinitely inviting. From tasseled rugs and runners with a distressed, vintage look to rustic handcrafted cow and sheepskin rugs, we have the texture and patterns you’re looking for in creating a cozy, welcoming home or office. Choose the size and shape rug that best suits your space and you’ll have your home’s look firmed up in no time.

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