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Modular Sofas

Mix and match components to make a loveseat, sectional sofa or a double-sided lounger. No matter how you arrange it, it's the comfiest sofa you'll every own.

Our modular seating systems. Your perfect seating environment

Modular Sofas & Seating

When you make customized furniture, you discover the world is full of design enthusiasts who enjoy having options as much as we do. These are the types who like to arrange and rearrange their rooms almost as often as they change their linens. That's why we created our versatile modular seating systems in a number of fashionable styles, from modern to traditional and beyond.

Made of interchangeable modular pieces, you can mix and match armless chairs, corner chairs and ottomans to your heart's content. This allows you to design a sectional style couch that fits your living room but easily moves pieces into the dining room if you need extra seating at a moment's notice. And, if you're the nomadic type who moves often, rest easy knowing your sofa can be reconfigured to accomodate whatever space constraints your new living quarters throws at it. Even better, each piece can be moved separately, which means they go up and down stairs and around corners with ease!