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Product Care
Keep your furniture looking as new as the day it arrived.

Understanding Cleaning Codes

Understanding fabric cleaning codes is actually quite simple and will keep your furniture looking as new as the day it arrived. All of our fabrics can either be cleaned with a water or solvent-based cleaning solution. Look for these symbols on the product page or fabric guide to see what method is recommended for your fabric of choice.

W - Water Based

W - Water Based

Fabrics labeled cleaning code “W” should only be cleaned using water-based cleaning methods.


S - Solvent Based

S - Solvent Based

Cleaning code “S” fabrics should be cleaned with a dry solvent cleaner only, never with water.

If you're investing in leather, get excited - we use only top-grain hides, the highest quality there is. Use these tips to help preserve the beauty of your leather furniture for decades to come.

Keep it clean

Dusting should be done regularly with a dry cloth (microfiber yields the best results). If vacuuming, be sure to use a soft or brush tip. Below are a few more tips to keep your leather furniture looking its best.

Although leather is resistant to fading, avoid direct, prolonged exposure to sunlight to prevent fading.

Keep leather furniture at least 12” away from heat sources. Avoiding intense heat will help prevent the leather from drying and possibly cracking.

Just as with any upholstery, leather can become stained if spills are not cleaned up immediately. Use mild soap and warm water for best results.

Wood Care
Dust your furniture regularly with a soft, dry, untreated cloth. Moisture and heat can damage any wood finish so it’s important to protect your furniture by using coasters. Always wipe up moisture promptly and dry with a soft cloth.

Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the surface of your wood furniture. Use felt pads, trivets, coasters and placemats when possible. Gently clean any spills with a soft, damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth.

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