Pet and Kid-Friendly Furniture and Fabrics

Our durable kid-friendly and pet-friendly fabrics are perfect options for your family's high-traffic furniture, from sofas to loveseats.

What are pet-friendly and kid-friendly fabrics?

Life gets messy sometimes, but that doesn't mean you can't have nice things. That's why we created a huge selection custom pet-friendly and kid-friendly furniture fabrics that are hard-wearing, easy-to-clean and as stunning as they are strong. Although we're quite proud of the durability of all our upholstery, we have some standouts that are especially resilient. While we have yet to create a completely indestructible fabric, these pet and kid-friendly options are your best bet for helping your furniture hold up well under pressure.

Our pet-friendly fabrics are designed for the most active of homes, but don't let their toughness fool you! They're still the soft, cozy upholstery your shedding pets, sticky children, and clutziest houseguests deserve to lounge on. To be considered pet-friendly or kid-friendly, furniture and fabrics need to be durable, easy to clean, and able to handle high-traffic situations in places like a living or family room.

Even pets can't get enough of our furniture.

Even pets can't get enough of our furniture! Check out how our customers are sharing their spaces with their four-legged friends.

Meet our Pet and Kid-Friendly fabrics

From woven blends that are easy to clean to velvet-textured microfiber that won't trap hair, our pet and kid-friendly fabrics are designed for the most active of homes.
Sunbrella® Performance Weave uses a menswear-inspired twill weave to exude sophistication and designed for sun exposure. The multi-layered yarns produce a heathered effect against a saturated color palette that’s UV-resistant.
sunbrella premier fog
Sunbrella Premier Fog
sunbrella premier indigo
Sunbrella Premier Indigo
sunbrella premier lagoon
Sunbrella Premier Lagoon
sunbrella premier sea
Sunbrella Premier Sea
sunbrella premier wisteria
Sunbrella Premier Wisteria
Dawson is a richly woven fabric with a subtle herringbone design and a soft yet sleek finish. The subtle layers of texture come from the tight weave of this fabric giving it just enough natural variation to add interest.
dawson brindle
Dawson Brindle
dawson slate
Dawson Slate
Essence provides a soft cozy feel while maintaining delicate sophistication. Flints of color variation lend unique movement and visual interest to this fabric, while also adding forgiving durability.
essence aqua
Essence Aqua
essence ash
Essence Ash
Synergy is our soft, heathered chenille which takes on a casual velvet appearance. It is a yarn dyed micro-denier polyester, which allows the yarn to blossom. It's softness doesn't take away from it's durability.
synergy pewter
Synergy Pewter
Bentley is a superior plush chenille-like fabric with a deeply striated texture. Yarn-dyed and densely woven to give a rich and substantial texture, Bentley provides the soft comfort of Chenille with exceptional durability.
bentley daisey
Bentley Daisey
bentley indigo
Bentley Indigo
bentley pewter
Bentley Pewter
Royale is one of our fine knit velvet introductions and has a silk like hand. It's fleece padded backing adds to the loft of the plush velvet it already is. Its neutral and jewel tone color offerings provide a beautifully polished look that works well in fun or elegant settings.
royale blush
Royale Blush
royale gunmetal
Royale Gunmetal
royale evergreen
Royale Evergreen
royale apple
Royale Apple
royale peacock
Royale Peacock
royale cobalt
Royale Cobalt
royale ash
Royale Ash
royale forest
Royale Forest
royale amethyst
Royale Amethyst
Prime is a woven chenille with a crushed, distressed look and beautifully soft hand. This luxurious chenille is suitable for all settings and styles, and will lend a touch of elegance to any application or backdrop.
prime stone
Prime Stone
prime peacock
Prime Peacock
prime blush
Prime Blush
Antonio is a luscious knit velvet that’s super soft while maintaining a durability that makes it well-suited for whatever life throws its way. Adds a swanky appearance to any setting that’s as warm and inviting as it is chic.
antonio pool
Antonio Pool
antonio cedar
Antonio Cedar

Pet and kid-friendly decorating tips

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Match your fabric to your pet’s fur

Try to choose a fabric that’s similar in color to your pet’s fur. This will help hide hair between vacuumings - and help your pet go incognito.
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Avoid light fabrics

No matter what, light fabric will always show marks and stains faster, especially in high-traffic areas. Opt for a darker color instead.
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Skip or remove carpet

If possible, ditch carpet and rugs (particularly wall-to-wall), since they’re difficult to keep clean, and trap pet hair, which causes odors.

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