Wall Decor & Wallpaper


Modern or Mid-Century Wall Decor & Wallpaper

Nothing shows off a flair for design than eye-catching wall art and décor. Perfect the look of your living space with carefully chosen wall art that accents your furniture and reflects your home’s interior decorating style. Whether you mix and match modern and traditional styles to create a diverse contemporary feel or go 100% retro with geometric prints that reflect the best of Mid-century modernism, we have a wide array of wall décor, clocks, wall hangings and even removable wallpaper to choose from. Create a gallery wall in the bedroom with artwork and framed photographs in a variety of sizes or select a statement piece or two to center your living room or dining room.

To really overhaul your walls, first opt for wallpaper in stunning, modern patterns to create a lush backdrop for artwork, shelving and knick-knacks. If wallpapering a whole room seems like too much, you can always create an accent wall or liven up a hallway, staircase or bathroom with our selection of wallpaper that’s easy to apply and even easier to remove. Whatever you decide, the right art and wall décor allows you to add color, personality and style that’s as flamboyant or understated as you wish.

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