Apartment Sectionals


Apartment Sectional Sofas & Small Space Sectionals

With the growing popularity of tiny homes, minimalist lifestyles and the simple fact that a bigger square footage home usually requires a bigger budget, apartments and smaller homes are finally getting the respect they deserve when it comes to interior design and décor. At Joybird, we relish the design challenges created by these types of living spaces. It allows our furniture to show off its versatility and style on a much more intimate level.

Happily, for those who love the look of a handcrafted, unique sectional, we’ve taken a few of our favorite full-size modular sofas and scaled them down to create apartment or small space sectionals that still give you plenty of room to stretch out. Embrace your cozy abode with an apartment sized sectional that’s big on style while petite enough to elegantly fit into close quarters.

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