Rocking Chairs & Gliders


Mid Century Modern Rocking Chairs and Gliders

We've channeled our expertise in mid century modern design into making the most stylish and comfortable modern rocking chairs and gliders that you can find. Our rockers and gliders combine the very best of functional comfort and modern interior design to create a memorable look for any room in your home or apartment.

Handcrafted Modern Rocking Chairs Perfect For Any Room

At first glance, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as the sight of a rocking chair. That is, until you actually sit in one. Then, you’re instantly transported to a simpler time when all your worries could be gently rocked away. At Joybird, we’ve given the standard rocking chair experience a stylish upgrade with a selection of modern rockers that adults and kids alike both love. Handcrafted to our exacting standards, a Joybird rocking chair makes a simple yet refined statement in a living room or den or as convenient spare seating in a bedroom. And, for parents searching for a versatile nursery chair that can grow with your child from newborn to adulthood, our rocking chairs and gliders are a tasteful choice that will provide hours of cozy cuddling and that all important soothing motion babies need.

Supportive and supremely comfortable, a rocking chair is the perfect seat for kicking back with a good book or enjoying a warm cup of coffee in the morning. Add an ottoman and you may want to stay in yours all day. With a Joybird rocker you can customize in the upholstery of your choice to create an eye-catching accent piece that will enhance any room and any decorating style. Yes, we have pale pink or baby blue for the nursery, but we also offer approximately 100 other colors and fabric options as well so go on and get creative!

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