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Fabric Tiers

Fabrics are segmented into 3 pricing tiers. The pricing tiers determine the cost to upholster your dream furniture piece.

Tier 1

This offering contains fabrics that are readily available or stocked with our mill partners allowing us to offer at a great value.

Tier 2

Texture, volume, weave. Tier 2 is dedicated to fabrics in our assortment that step it up a notch to create a luxe and stylish for your textiles selections.

Tier 3

These fabrics perform! Within this tier you will find our Industry Elite performance fabrics, which can withstand high traffic in any case.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
bentley daisey
Bentley Daisey
cordova eclipse
Cordova Eclipse
key largo ash
Key Largo Ash
key largo coral
Key Largo Coral
key largo grass
Key Largo Grass
lucky turquoise
Lucky Turquoise
cordova amber
Cordova Amber
key largo bubblegum
Key Largo Bubblegum
key largo zenith teal
Key Largo Zenith Teal
key largo ruby
Key Largo Ruby
key largo denim
Key Largo Denim
bentley indigo
Bentley Indigo
lucky divine
Lucky Divine
bentley pewter
Bentley Pewter
vibe aquatic
Vibe Aquatic
dawson brindle
Dawson Brindle
taylor felt grey
Taylor Felt Grey
taylor golden
Taylor Golden
taylor tonic
Taylor Tonic
vibe sunkist
Vibe Sunkist
dawson slate
Dawson Slate
impact flurry
Impact Flurry
notion gunsmoke
Notion Gunsmoke
essence aqua
Essence Aqua
essence ash
Essence Ash
sunbrella premier fog
Sunbrella Premier Fog
sunbrella premier indigo
Sunbrella Premier Indigo
cody slate
Cody Slate
cody sandstone
Cody Sandstone
cody pacific
Cody Pacific
royale blush
Royale Blush
royale gunmetal
Royale Gunmetal
royale evergreen
Royale Evergreen
merit dove
Merit Dove
royale apple
Royale Apple
royale peacock
Royale Peacock
sunbrella premier lagoon
Sunbrella Premier Lagoon
royale cobalt
Royale Cobalt
synergy pewter
Synergy Pewter
prime stone
Prime Stone
prime peacock
Prime Peacock
royale ash
Royale Ash
tussah snow
Tussah Snow
antonio pool
Antonio Pool
antonio cedar
Antonio Cedar
milo burgundy
Milo Burgundy
milo dove
Milo Dove
milo french blue
Milo French Blue
royale forest
Royale Forest
sorrento coral
Sorrento Coral
sorrento marigold
Sorrento Marigold
faithful olive
Faithful Olive
faithful indigo
Faithful Indigo
tussah blizzard
Tussah Blizzard
prime blush
Prime Blush
nico ash
Nico Ash
nico oyster
Nico Oyster
shearling whisper
Shearling Whisper
plush terra rose
Plush Terra Rose
plush mist
Plush Mist
royale amethyst
Royale Amethyst