Bar Carts & Cabinets

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Mid-Century Modern Bar Carts & Cabinets

A quintessential item in any Mid-century modern house, bar carts and bar cabinets are back in a big way. If you’re looking for an excuse to host more soirees or have a perfectly delightful excuse to entertain at home, a bar cabinet or cart will become one of your favorite items of furniture. Versatile and multi-purpose, these chic storage solutions look right at home in the living room, dining room or kitchen and make short work of organizing everything you need to enjoy yourself at a moment’s notice.

Whether you’d like to display glassware, bartending tools and bottles or need a classy place to keep your tea setting, you’ll find a bar cart or cabinet comes handy time and time again. If you like the flexibility of being able to wheel your own little roving party from room to room, opt for a lightweight open bar cart. Our sturdy bar carts are brimming with glamour and an Art Deco style that make them a cheerful and useful addition to your home.

For those of you who prefer to keep your adult beverages and cocktail shakers safely tucked away, a bar cabinet with closing doors lets you hide your vices until happy hour officially begins. Built to last, our handcrafted bar cabinets feature sophisticated details such as hand polished wood, sleek lines and refined hardware that ensure each one enhances your décor while adding a sophisticated touch to any setting. A word of warning, however. Once you add one of our stylish bar carts and cabinets to your home, you may find yourself opting to stay home and play mixologist a lot more often!

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