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4.8 / 5
(10655 Reviews)
Amie K
Review left on Jan 08, 2020
I ordered this chair to go with a sofa I ordered at the same time. This is the kind of chair that invites you to curl up and read a book in. I intended on testing it out quickly as I was arranging my furniture but it was so comfy that I decided to postpone the rest of my work for the evening. I love the fabric and the firmness or the cushions. Looking forward to catching up on my reading in this beauty.
Amie K
Review left on Jan 08, 2020
I got this sofa for my office and it looks even better in person than in the photos. The fabric is nice to the touch and the cushions are firm, but comfortable. I have not had to test the fabric’s stain resistance properties, but I am glad to know that this beauty will be protected from whatever someone may spill. 10/10 would buy this sofa again, and I’m hoping to get another sofa from Joybird for my home soon.
Review left on Jan 08, 2020
I’ve had this desk for Nearly three years and it’s super sturdy, has great bones, and makes me smile. A classic mcm piece.
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