Home Office Furniture


Home Office Furniture

The modern workday is changing and at Joybird we think it’s time your workspace kept up with the times. Working remotely is something nearly half of employees do at some point during their work week, which makes your house command central when it comes to productivity. Whether you work for yourself or simply have an occasional out of office day, working from home can make it a little tougher to make the transition between free time and business. That’s why furnishing with home office furniture that’s both motivating and comfortable is imperative. You may be doing a load of laundry at one end of the house and navigating around your dog’s chew toys during your workday. But, that doesn’t mean you’re not getting down to business. You’re a professional and you deserve to have an inspiring, grown-up office to work in, even at home.

No matter if you have a dedicated home office or you’ve simply carved some personal space out in your dining room, we have sophisticated home office furniture solutions that’ll get your gears turning and allow you to enjoy your workday whenever you’re clocked in. From desks and chairs to shelving and accessories such as rugs and décor, we have everything you need to create the work environment of your dreams.

One of the best parts of creating your home workspace and its decorating style can be 100% you. No need to create a homogenous office setting to please coworkers or clients, and no need to put other family member’s preferences into the mix. Your home office is your personal abode and it should be filled with furniture and accessories that get your creative juices flowing. If you’ve always dreamed of working at a streamlined mid-century desk or envisioned having plush swivel seats that makes you feel like a boss, you’ll find plenty of stylish customizable office furniture to choose from at Joybird.com. Our skilled craftsmen and craftswomen keep things minimal with sleek lines and the refined details that make each of our office furniture pieces a classic.

For most people a proper work table or desk will be number one priority for your home office furniture. The right desk will not only create a productive work flow for your day, it’s critical for keeping organized and having an ergonomic place to sit while working from your computer or crafting. We offer everything from desks with deep wooden drawers for stowing away paperwork and more to tabletop desks with a tidy little drawer or two for tucking away odds and ends. With the majority of our handcrafted desks available in the wood stain of your choosing, you can customize a unique office desk that will make a cheerful centerpiece to your office décor.

Speaking of ergonomics, your choice in office chairs should be top priority as well. We have custom swivel chairs and gliders that allow you to multitask like a pro while staying comfortable to boot. Made from a solid, kiln-dried hardwood frame with plush premium foam and top-quality fabric that’s designed to work as hard as you do, you can upholster your chair in almost any hue imaginable. Pick a bright bold color to bring a smile to your workday or select a distinguished twill that’s all business. It’s your throne. Design it however you wish! And don’t forget. If you entertain clients at home you may want to select a complementary accent chair or two so everyone has a comfortable place to discuss business.

Once you’ve picked out your desk and chairs, you can move on to accessorizing your office space. From shelves to wall décor and rugs you’ll want every item to reflect your personality and tastes. Whether you decide to create a retro home office that’s straight from the set of Mad Men or want a chic, upscale contemporary vibe to your workspace, you’ll find oodles of home office furniture solutions that are guaranteed to make every work from home moment all the better.

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