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Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture


Dining Room Furniture

One of our biggest inspirations when designing furniture is imagining the memories that each piece will be a part of in its new home. That’s why we have a special fondness for handcrafted dining tables, dining chairs and dining furniture in general. As the cornerstone for many a happy occasion with family and friends, the dining room is command central for memorable moments and we love creating custom-made dining furniture that fit today’s modern lifestyles. Selecting the right dining table, chairs, dining room set or console can make a world of difference in both your home’s décor and your overall eating enjoyment.

First, select a dining furniture style that reflects your taste in design. From mid-century modern to Art Deco, traditional or contemporary, you’re bound to find some interior design more appetite inducing than others. It’s usually best to start with a dining or kitchen table that you love the look of and then work the rest of your dining room décor around that centerpiece. At Joybird you’ll find customizable dining tables available in your choice of wood stain, allowing you to perfectly complement your home’s look and suit your preferences. Once you’ve decided on a table, you can fill out the rest of your dining room furniture with storage solutions such as consoles and bar cars that provide plenty of stylish places to stow away serving ware and cocktail accoutrements.

The key to making your dining room look great is selecting the right size and shape table to suit your space. Your main choices in kitchen and dining table shapes are oval, round, rectangular and square. It’s probably no surprise rectangular dining tables are the most common as the majority of dining rooms are built in a rectangular shape as well. However, an oval table can fill this space up nicely, especially in more narrow rooms where square corners could be aggravating. Sometimes available with extendable leaves, rectangular and oval dining tables are a good shape when you need seating for more than four people. If you would like to create a more intimate arrangement, a square or round table can be a good choice. And if you like to live large, one word of warning. Even if you’ve always dreamed of a Knights of the Round Table type arrangement, and have room for an extra-large round table, they’re not very conducive for carrying on conversations. But, to each their own!

When it comes to dimensions, select a dining table whose width and length leave at least two to three feet of space behind each chair so diners have plenty of room to move, especially after dessert. Take seating capacity into account as well. If you have less space or don’t anticipate too many large parties, a small round or square table may make the best fit, or consider an extendable table with removable extensions. If your dining room is narrow and you need to have a table that’s less than 36” across you may want to consider getting a sideboard, console or bar cart to put food on while dining. This will give diners easy access to second helpings while keeping your tabletop uncluttered.

Once you’ve decided on table, it’s time to think about seating. Finding dining chairs to best complement your new table is where things can get really fun. Like the look of a uniform room? Opt for a set of chairs that are all the same color and style. If you enjoy a more eclectic aesthetic, consider mixing and matching chairs to bring a playful element of surprise to your dining experience. Or if you like both options, our skilled craftsmen and craftswomen can create a perfect customized dining set in your choice of a wide array of fabrics and hues. If you really want to go nuts, let every family member choose their own seat color to really bring a personalized touch into your home! The key is creating an environment where good food and good conversation go hand in hand. Your thoughtfully designed modern dining room furniture will simply be there to host the party in style. Bon appétit!

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