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Recliner Chairs


Modern & Mid-Century Recliners

Sometimes you just want to kick back, put your feet up and relax in a good old fashioned recliner. We have something even better. With a Joybird creation you can still enjoy all the comfort of a recliner but in a sophisticated, stylish package that will enhance your room’s décor rather than distract from it. Engineered to glide smoothly and effortlessly, our selection of recliner chairs offer support and unprecedented comfort in a chair that may easily become your favorite in the house.

Inspired by the clean lines of the Mid-century modern era’s best chairs, you’d be forgiven if you missed the fact that there’s a recline option to these well-built seats. Put one in front of the television in your living room and you’ll feel like you’re at the movies any night of the week. Or, tuck an armchair next to the fireplace in your den for a supremely comfortable place to curl up with a good book. They also make a great seating option in baby’s nursery for parents who like to get comfortable while trying to entice a fussy little one to sleep.

Even better, you’ll find plenty of uses for this chair years after baby grows up. After all, what toddler could resist story time while sitting in such a cozy armchair? Essentially if you have a burning desire for comfort in your living space, while still maintaining a tasteful, well-designed look to your home, a Joybird recliner chair is a must have piece of furniture.

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