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The Perfect Furniture for Small Spaces

Discover inspired small space furniture options that will turn a room or space of any size into a stunning oasis that is equal parts stylish and functional. Our handcrafted and customizable pieces are the perfect furniture for any small space in your home or apartment.

At Joybird, we believe everyone has the right to dream big when it comes to their furniture options, even in the smallest of spaces. From a cozy urban studio apartment to that odd narrow living room in what was otherwise your dream home, we have small space furniture solutions that allow you to best utilize every inch of your abode.

How to Pick the Best Small Space Furniture

Start by selecting multi-functional space saving furniture that makes maximum use of any small space. Choose an ottoman or coffee table that’s sturdy enough to provide additional seating when you have houseguests. Or, pick side tables that can be combined when you’d like to create a coffee table and used separately when you need more space. When it comes to sofas and other small space furniture, look for pieces that sit off the ground on tapered legs to add a feeling of airy, openness throughout the room.

Sleeper sofas are excellent ways to effortlessly turn your small living room into a guest room at a moment’s notice. If you’re in a small studio setting, you may want to consider a daybed or sleeper sofa as your main bed. Handcrafted from premium materials, you can bet ours are much more stylish and comfortable than a futon, not to mention a lot more grown-up looking! You’ll find we’ve modified many of our most popular sofas, sectionals, chairs - even consoles and desks - to be sized appropriately for smaller spaces. Simply use the search term “apartment” throughout the products on our site to find your favorites.

Using Functional Furniture in Your Small Space

No matter how tiny, there are many ways you can create a larger than life look throughout your home or apartment. Nesting or accent tables flanked by an armless side chair are a great way to create a tidy little reading corner. Bring extra light into your space with a decorative mirror and metallic accessories such as bowls, trays and metal table and floor lamps. Your dresser or console can do double duty by acting as a stylish television stand and consider choosing a bed frame with hidden storage drawers. If you need a handy place to drop your keys and other necessities when you walk through your door, consider using a narrow entry table to keep things nice and tidy.

In the kitchen or your main living quarters you can carve out space for a dining nook almost anywhere by choosing a small round table coupled with a pair of slim, no-fuss dining chairs. A sleek accent chair can even act as a dining chair and then do double duty by providing extra seating when guests are over. And, once you’ve run out of floor space, start looking up. By hanging hooks and additional modular wall shelving, you’ll find plenty of places to display books, art and knick-knacks. Just be mindful about accessories as too much can seem like clutter. A few thoughtfully-chosen throw pillows, vases, wall art and accessories can add a lot of personality without overpowering your smaller living space. Whatever furniture you choose to decorate your apartment or small space with, simply make sure it’s something that brings you joy. You can also browse our collection of Apartment Furniture if you're in need of custom furniture that fits into a smaller apartment or loft space.

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