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Modern Outdoor Furniture


Modern Outdoor Furniture for an Open-Air Oasis

Joybird has a selection of beautiful mid-century modern outdoor furniture for your backyard, deck, or patio. When Winter begins to turn into Spring, you’ll want to start spending more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather with friends or family. From outdoor sofas to lounge chairs, our tasteful modern outdoor furniture pieces provide the style and functionality to help you maximize enjoyment of your favorite open-air space.

Our modern outdoor furniture allows you to extend your mid-century interior home decor to the outdoor spaces surrounding your home or apartment. Seamlessly transition from your mid-century living room or bedroom to a patio or deck that is filled with high-quality modern outdoor furniture that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Have a mid-century sofa in your living room? Try one of our outdoor sofas to complement it and carry your personal style to the outdoors. Check out our full selection of modern outdoor furniture to find the pieces that are perfect for your home.

How to Care for Your Outdoor Furniture

Once you have the right seating that enhances the look and functionality of your space, it’s important to maintain your furniture so it lasts as long as possible. Outdoor furniture is an investment, so it’s important to make sure that you clean and store your pieces properly so that investment lasts.

To clean wood, gently clean any spills with a soft, damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. To keep your metal furniture clean, wash with water and mild soap and make sure to periodically check for rust. When it’s time to store your outdoor furniture, place a cover over the pieces and store them in a cool, dry place to avoid any wear.

Learn more about how to maintain your outdoor furniture on our product care page.

Why Choose Joybird for Outdoor Furniture?

Here at Joybird, we pride ourselves on making beautiful, durable products out of the finest materials so your pieces will last. Our custom-quality and expertly curated outdoor furniture is built to meet the demands and unique tastes of our customers and we go above and beyond to ensure that you’ll love your furniture for its entire life.

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