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Giving Back

We’re committed to providing a sustainable future and conserving our earth's precious resources with each and every order.
Trees planted and counting…

How we're planting joy

We've partnered with local conservation groups to rejuvenate forests in key locations throughout the country. For each item sold, we've committed to planting more trees than were used in the manufacturing of that item. Proceeds from each purchase are donated to these groups to assist in their conservation efforts. We are proud to join the mission as a company that responsibly sources materials and is aware of their environmental impact.

Protecting natural water resources

Forests are critical in maintaining the planet’s limited supply of natural fresh water. Forests alone filter 50% of the nation’s water supply, with many large U.S. cities relying on healthy forests to provide a source of clean drinking water. However, U.S. rainforests are facing threats such as deforestation, disease, and infestation by invasive pests. Trees aren’t the only thing you’re helping us save!

How you can help

While ordering a brand new piece of furniture from us is a great way to help plant more trees, there are also a number…and growing...of conservation groups, powered by local volunteers, planting trees at local parks or growing neighborhood gardens. You can also donate directly to a group that shares your concern for the environment.