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Meet Your Designers


Being born and raised in Southern California allowed me to grow up closely with my Native culture. I draw inspiration from music, color, and nature, and that comes out in my design. One can never have too many plants or vinyl records! As a designer I feel strongly that your home should be a rich reflection of yourself, your experiences, and your passions. I believe in taking risks and making bold choices, and that through the process of designing your home, you learn about yourself as well!


Hi, Becky here! You can say that I’ve been passionate about interior design ever since I was a kid. Back then, I would constantly rearrange my bedroom furniture and wall color, marveling at how even simple changes made my space feel different. As an adult, this still holds true! While I tend to gravitate towards the aesthetics of the 20s-60s, I mainly love creating open, inviting and functional spaces. And I also love being able to incorporate fun and unique touches wherever possible for my clients. After all, I’m designing for your home and it should feel like you!


I find creative ways to reflect a client's personality and vision into their dream space. I love all types of styles in design, but I specialize in Eclectic, Modern, Bohemian, Rustic and Mid-century modern. I love using natural elements in my designs and love contrast and added splashes of color. My other passions in life are to be one with nature by going on hikes and traveling to mountain tops. I love being creative in other ways like throwing pottery, painting and crafting macrame designs.


Hello! Hola! I’m Daniella. Living in various different countries and states has nurtured my love for travel and interior design as it combines my passions for helping people, art, nature, and architecture. As a designer, I love monochromatic spaces with accents through greenery, vintage art, and bold, colorful statement pieces. But, as long as your space makes you happy and reflects your personality, it’s a yes from me. In my free time, you’ll find me at local coffee spots, thrifting, creating art, but mostly sunset chasing. Here’s the thing about sunsets that I love so much — we can assure that they happen everyday and that they’re always going to be different…that’s the true beauty in them. For me, that’s exactly how design works, the beauty lies in the ability for it to be one of a kind.


Hello, I’m Karley! As a daughter of an Interior Designer, I was submerged in a creative environment at a young age and “knew what I wanted to be when I grew up!”. Fast forward to adulthood, I ended up getting my degree in Interior Design from the University of Florida and throwing myself into all things creative.


Hello, I'm Elly! I really enjoy soaking up places I visit and well as flowing through ambiances, melodies, hues and textures. Similar to the feelings and sensations I experience when picking up a paintbrush, while reading a play and visually brainstorming the (theatre) set, when music floods my mind, flipping through fabric swatches or finding beautiful pieces of history via antiques and antiquities. These fascinations, along with my experiences with design, commercial art galleries and the auction houses have informed my sense of aesthetics--whether incorporating elements from varying veins or sticking to a sole cohesive style. There is a time and place for everything as you create your haven--you can take a "when in Rome" approach or you can create your inner sanctum removed from your exterior surroundings. It is for your choosing! Even though it sometimes feels like it's choosing you : ).


Hey there! My name is Marisol. I’m from Mexico City but I have spent most of my days in Texas. Big city gal over here even though I’m most inspired when I’m at the beach quieting my mind or a trip to a museum. Most of the time you can find me listening and watching 90's throwbacks even if it’s not a Thursday. I love encouraging people to take risks with their space, to really connect with them and to be inspired by what moves them the most. After all, our spaces should capture our essence and align with our identity. That is one of the main reasons I love interior design….Every space is a different experience and can literally transform how you feel or how you perceive your environment. It can change your mood, spark a memory, or might just make your day a little better. It’s truly powerful and magical!