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Leather Chairs & Leather Seating

Love the look of high-quality leather furniture but aren’t sure where to start? One of the easiest ways to add a touch of leather to your décor is by adding a leather chair or two to your seating collection. From leather accent chairs to leather dining chair sets or a classic leather recliner, there’s a sense of refined style to these handsome chairs that’s simply unmistakable. A luxe material that’s well-suited amongst classic and contemporary designed homes, high-quality leather is an excellent choice in seating upholstery that will ensure your best seat in the house is one that lasts for generations.

If you like the durability and feel of leather but have always thought it too masculine or rustic for your taste, think again. We offer our customizable leather chairs in an astonishing array of colors such as more muted whites, grays and neutrals as well as eye-catchingly fresh hues such as turquoise, indigo or yellow. Of course, if you prefer classic black or brown, we have plenty to choose from there as well. It’s up to you how bold or understated you’d like to go with what is destined to become your new favorite spot to sit. We also offer a full collection of chairs in fabric options as well as leather, so feel free to browse all of our seating products.

We tailor make our leather seating in a wide variety of styles and designs to be sure to have a chair that will suit every taste. From mid-century modern favorites such as the expansive Hopson Leather Swivel Chair and our sleek, retro chic Soto Leather Chair to more traditional silhouettes such as our Durant Leather Recliner Chair and Korver Leather Chair, you’ll find a nearly dizzying array of options to choose from when it comes to creating the perfect leather chair for your living space. We can even upholster many of our stylish rocking chairs in leather. This can be a sophisticated way to rock baby in a chair that will easily transition out of the nursery and back into the rest of your home as your little ones grow up. And, one of the best things about choosing a leather rocking chair is that it’s so easy to clean!

When it comes to keeping things tidy, leather is an excellent choice in seating. Not only is it easy to wipe down and spill-resistant, as a material leather is naturally hypoallergenic. Unlike fabric, allergens such as dust mites and pet dander have nowhere to stick to on a leather chair. That means even the most sneeziest of sitters can sit back and relax on your leather chair with no worries. Or if allergies aren’t a concern as evidenced by the fact you share your home with pets, you’ll find a leather chair is your new best friend. Although you may not like the fact that your cat chose your comfy new leather recliner as her preferred throne of choice, you can simply wipe the chair down with a soft cloth once she relinquishes her seat and all that fur will be right where you need it. On the cloth, instead of stuck to the back of your clothes.

Durable and hard-wearing, leather is ideal for seating that will see a lot of action as it lasts about four times longer than many typical seat fabrics. We hand select only the best quality full-grain leather to ensure your chair stands up to the test of time and ages gorgeously with a rich patina and those iconic leather crinkles that give your chair so much personality. You’ll find your soft as butter leather chair only gets better as the years go by, making it one sound investment indeed. Handcrafted in our workshop, all our customizable leather chairs are made from sustainably sourced wood, premium high-resiliency foam cushioning and top-notch materials for an heirloom quality that’s evident at first sight and at first sitting.

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