Leather Sofas and Couches


Modern Leather Sofas & Couches

Leather sofas deliver a perfect balance of comfort and refinement, and our modern leather couches are a popular option to bring the right blend of style and functionality to your interior decor. As the focal point to your living room, there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing a handsome leather sofa sitting proudly center stage. Sleek and attractive, the classic look of leather is one that never goes out of style. Available in a wide range of shades from a light caramel or gray hide to rich, dark walnut-like leather and the ever popular black, you can customize your modern leather sofa to create the perfect backdrop for showcasing your timeless sense of style.

At Joybird, we’ve taken many of our favorite mid-century modern sofas and even some of our more contemporary styles and discovered leather makes an excellent choice in upholstery for these designs. It turns out details such as button tufting, clean lines and handcrafted quality look absolutely gorgeous when dressed in leather on a sofa or couch.

Benefits of a Leather Sofa

It may be true that leather sofas initially cost more but it’s an investment that pays off. One of the strongest upholstery options out there, on average leather is four times more durable than many fabrics. Plus, leather has an added benefit of growing old gracefully. When you choose a leather sofa made from full-grain, top-quality leather (which is the only kind we use here at Joybird!), you’ll find it ages beautifully. Your leather sofa or couch will eventually display a rich patina and that characteristic distressing which gives leather so much personality and charm. Creased and wrinkled, you’ll find your buttery soft leather sofa is a dream to sit on for years to come. And if you want more choices for your nest sofa or couch, view all of our sofas or mid century modern sofas available in leather or fabric.

If you or anyone in your family happens to have allergies, specifically to such things as pet dander and dust mites (or if you’re simply a bit of a germaphobe) you’ll adore the fact that leather couches are hypoallergenic. Because leather sofas aren’t made of fabric, they won’t absorb irritants, are dirt resistant and are a breeze to keep clean. Simply wipe yours down with a soft microfiber cloth and you’ll pick up any stray irritants while keeping your sofa looking stunning. If you spill something on your leather sofa, clean it with mild soap and warm water to prevent staining. While your cat’s fur may not stick to leather, we can’t guarantee that plate of spaghetti your toddler dumped on the sofa won’t eventually stick around if you don’t clean it up promptly.

Customize a Modern Leather Sofa

When it comes to building your custom-made leather sofa, you can trust our artisan craftsmen to put the love and care into your piece that you’d expect from such an investment. They’ll start with a solid, kiln-dried wood frame that will ensure your sofa stands up to the test of time. They then use only premium materials, such a high-resiliency foam cushioning, sturdy wooden legs and hardware and of course, top-grain leather hides that will last for decades to come. The result is a hand-stitched, hand-finished leather sofa that will be a piece you can pass down to future generations…that is, if you feel like sharing. Browse our entire collection of leather furniture.

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