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With distinctive lines and luxurious, classic detailing, this is Mid-century style at its best.
The Hughes reversible sectional is what Mid-century dreams are made of. An instant conversation piece, it will bring your living room, office, or study into the height of vintage design. Combine it with your choice of upholstery and wood stain for the total package that will have all your friends marveling at your impeccable design sense.
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Fitting in

The Hughes reversible sectional is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and replete with options. From the angled arms and legs, to the classic button tufted back, to the extended and reversible cushion, this is a paragon of Mid-century elegance in one convertible seat. Combine that with your choice of durable upholstery fabric, and you’ve got a surefire winner.

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Have fun with furniture arranging! Because the Hughes’s reversible cushions means it will fit in any area of your living room with ease. Just move the extended cushion to one side or the other to make it nestle perfectly in that special corner or whisk away the ottoman for a traditional sofa profile when the mood strikes.
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Hughes Features



A slight recline combined with an extended cushion and ottoman is the perfect invitation to rest and relax.


High-density foam cushions provide a comfortable, supported sit — not too hard and not too soft.


The Hughes’s high back and extended legs are the perfect place to stretch out, and offers plenty of room for taller individuals.

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  • Andrew
    Buy for the customer service
    My wife and I love our JoyBird! It's firm, durable and incredibly comfortable. When we ordered we were given an estimated delivery time of eight weeks so we were pleasantly surprised when it arrived an entire month early! Upon arrival, I noticed that the couch arrived without hardware to attach the legs and with some significant squeaking in the chaise. ... 
  • Tammie A
    Beautiful and Classic Design with Ultimate Comfort
    The Hughes Reversible Sectional arrived the day before I left on a trip. Upon returning from my trip I was able to enjoy the sectional. It provides excellent support for the lumbar portion of my back, as well as an amazing cushion.
  • Annie
    Should've bought it sooner
    This couch is exactly what I was looking for! Big enough for a family of four to sit comfortably, but not too big for our small living room. Great pop of color in Antonio Pool. It feels firm and durable. Good value.
  • Andrew W
    Looks Great!
    The couch looks great! We are typically afraid of too much color, but the Essence Aqua fits well into our decor and is super comfortable.
  • Stuart T
    Great sofa
    We love our new sofa. It was easy to order and very comfortable once we received it.
  • William M
    Hughes Reversible Sectional
    Great comfort color and style. Well constructed. I don't like a cushy couch that swallows you up. This one is firm and provides good support for the body. I'm very happy with this couch.
  • Lisa S
    Beautiful, roomy, comfortable. Looks amazing in room with Soto chairs.
  • Motherofbeagles
    Pet friendly
    I wrote review on the comments when I uploaded photo. Not easy to navigate writing a review the way you set it up. I chose this style because my dogs like to sit atop the back cushions on a sofa and squash it down. This is the only sofa that didn’t have cushions. It is less comfortable because of it ... 
  • Rob
    Fast process
    We were anticipating a long wait time to receive our custom made couch, but once we finalized our colors, the production and delivery exceeded our expectations. Communication was great throughout the process.
  • Maureen G
    So Beautiful
    Words cannot describe the beauty and comfort of this sofa. Absolutely love the sofa and it also is the perfect fit in my small apartment.
  • Andy
    Beautiful firm couch
    The vibe aquatic color is amazing in person. The cushions are firmer and deeper than I expected, but I already like the firmness and will probably get used to the depth once I add some pillows.
  • Laura B
    So far so good!
    The couch feels solid and comfortable! We’ve only had it a week but we’re hopeful that we’ll continue loving it!
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