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Hughes Sectional with Bumper (2 piece)

47 Reviews
$2695 - $3080
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Soft angles and a clean silhouette meet classic styling and comfort in this family-friendly sectional.
From its simple retro lines and dreamy Mid-century vibe to the quality handcraftsmanship, Hughes is a sectional designed to give you everything you want out of a piece of furniture. There are endless ways to design your room around this sectional, or vice versa. Start with the upholstery and wood stain choices—with so many possible combinations, you’re guaranteed a true one-of-a-kind piece.
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Mid-Century Marvel

With its softly-angled arm rest mirrored in the open wood base below, you get a taste of the delicate details that make this such a stunning seating option. Its button tufting along the length of the back cushions and the pared-back lines of the deep seats signify this as Mid-century, through and through.

Modern Sensibility

Hughes is just about supremely simple lines, it’s built using ethically sourced hardwood that is perfect for the eco-conscious. It is more than sturdy and supportive, thanks to a quality kiln-dried wood frame. But it doesn’t stop there—foam stuffing free of flame-retardants continue the responsibility for the environment through to the most comfortable corners of this bumper sectional.

Product Specs

109" x 84" Height: 33.5"
90" x 72" x 18"
Arm Height
7" x 25"
Sofa Seating
Kiln dried hardwood. Once assembled, frames are wrapped in 2lb foam exceeding industry standards. Made with responsibly-sourced wood. Center leg included.
2.8 lb. high density polyurethane foam combined with layers of fiber for superior seating comfort. Slight softening and flattening of the cushion will occur as a result of normal use aging but are inherent characteristics. Contains no flame retardants or harmful chemicals.
Solid wood
Seat-sinuous spring back with poly webbing. Back-poly webbing.
Glued, stapled and screwed to ensure frame stability and longevity.
Screw on legs
Tight back; loose seat
Glue and Stains
Water-based, low-VOC
Weight Limit
1500 lbs.
Size Variance
Dimensions of bench-made upholstery may vary slightly.
Product Care
Vacuum regularly with a vacuum attachment.
Do not expose upholstered pieces to direct sunlight.
Use a cleaning product that corresponds with your fabric's cleaning code. Always blot stains; never rub. Use a clean, dry, white cloth.
Water. Use only water based cleaning products.
Solvent. Use only water free cleaning solvents.
Customer Spaces
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Hughes Features



Designed with a subtly angled back to promote upright and lounging positions comfortably.


Deep, firm seats offer maximum comfort for long hours with friends or in front of the television.


Designed to stand higher than average, Hughes has a lot more to give in the legroom department.

See why customers love the Hughes Sectional with Bumper (2 piece)4.8 / 5 (47 Reviews)

Read real customer reviews and what they’re saying about this product.

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  • Brian M
    Excellent sectional sofa
    I was not a fan of a sectional sofa but my family wanted one, and I caved in. Glad I did. We spent many hours watching movies comfortably for four people and a big dog. It repels staining well, and is very durable and comfortable. It invites you to relax. Great purchase.
  • Nancy H
    I am loving this piece! It definitely might be my favorite! Love the color, style, is comfortable & looks great from any angle!
  • Awilda E
    Can’t express how happy we are to have purchased our hudson bumper sectional. At first we had our concerns over purchasing a sofa online without even sitting on it, but with Joybird’s amazing customer service, we decided to give it a try. Two years later we are soooo happy we did. Even now, after the 365 day return policy ... 
  • Nanette R
    This sofa is an island that has landed in our space! We LOVE it!!! Everything is revolving around it. Let the decorating begin!!!
  • Rachel P
    The sectional came a week earlier than promised, and is perfect. I love the depth of the seating and the color. It's neither too firm, not too soft. I think this is my "just right" sectional!
  • Jane H
    Joybird made this Bird very Joyous!!
    I loved the whole process, Joybird kept me informed throughout the whole process. My sectional with chaise shipped more than a week early. Ordering on line is scary, but, given their reviews, which were extremely favorable, and their products being exactly the fresh look I wanted. Now all I need are pillows and a rug and my new home ... 
  • Randal L
    This sectional is exactly what we hoped for!
  • Randal L
    This sectional is exactly what we hoped for!
  • Patrick R
    Love the fabric
    We spent the extra money for the premium fabric and it was well worth it. There was some stray strings on the couch but joybird made it right. Couch feels very stable and well made. Glad we made the purchase!
  • Dedee L
    Beautiful Couch and Wonderful Customer service
    We purchased this couch a little over two years ago. It's been my favorite piece of furniture in our house. Not only is it well made and gorgeous, it's also super comfortable. Last week our aging dog had a giant accident on the cushions. I called Joybird hoping beyond hope that I could replace the cushions without ... 
  • Meredith M
    love it
    Perfect fit. Very comfy and love the material.
  • Won S
    perfect for my family gathering
    I have been waiting for a year to see how good this products is after some period of using. It's still prefect~! There is change in the color and texture of fabric.
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