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Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas


Sectional Sofas & Couches

One of the best aspects of a well-designed sectional sofa is you can customize it to precisely fit your living space no matter how odd shaped of a room you’re working with. The key is knowing your options. Let’s start with a traditional sectional to give you an idea of how these couches work. A traditional sectional sofa usually features a chaise lounge on one side to offer full body support and a comfortable place to relax while watching television or reading. This can be paired with a two-seater or three-seater sofa that’s armless on one side to allow for continuity. If you have a long narrow room or a lot of space to fill, you may be better off selecting a longer couch such as a four-seater or a different configuration. Some sectionals are made to be reversible (usually by having a mobile ottoman and reversible cushions) while others are specifically designed to be right or left facing, so plan your space accordingly.

Other options in sectional sofa design include selecting an L-shaped sectional, which usually features two couch type sections put together. This is a great solution for creating intimate conversation space within larger rooms while still providing plenty of places for people to sit. A corner sectional or rounded corner sectional can create the same effect in a smaller setting and is always a welcoming sight in the den or living room. Selecting two chaise lounges for your side pieces allows you to form a u-shaped sofa that offers twice the lounging space, while a larger U-sofa can be designed by pairing two L-shaped sectionals together. We like to call this type of arrangement the ultimate conversation pit!

Save Space with a Custom Sectional Sofa

A surprising feature about sectional sofas is that they are great space-saving solutions for smaller rooms. Because the entire sectional seating arrangement is enclosed, it gives off the sense of a thoughtfully laid out room without eating up a lot of floor space between accent chairs and extra seating. The little corner curves create inviting warmth and comfortability while the entire seating arrangement can be pulled apart or rearranged if you wish to add in a little bit of room between guests. And, because a sectional sofa is built from separate pieces you can easily take the entire thing apart to move between rooms or to a new house. If it turns out your new sitting room has more space than your current living situation, you can simply add in more sectional seating pieces to fill space as needed.

Sectional Sofas to Fit Your Style

Like our regular sofas, our passionate furniture engineers were inspired by the best of mid-century modern, contemporary and traditional design when it came to creating our selection of sectional sofas. If you’re a fan of Atomic Era design, you’ll find the clean lines, organic curves and minimalist details you love in mid-century furniture perfectly captured in our vintage-inspired sectional sofas. Or, if you prefer more contemporary features such as the inviting look of Danish concepts or chic industrial design, you’ll have plenty of enticingly modern options to choose from.

High-Quality Sectionals Built With Premium Materials

Our sectional sofas are built from premium materials such as high-resiliency foam, solid kiln-dried hardwood frames and durable fabric in your choice of color and stitching. Our top-of-the-line manufacturing process means your customized sectional will be an heirloom-quality piece sturdily custom tailored for maximum enjoyment. Whichever sectional arrangement you decide on, rest easy knowing you can always add on or tweak yours to fit future spaces. Whether that means ordering an additional corner chair or swapping out a bumper chaise lounge to replace one without a bumper arm, the experts at Joybird can build whatever you need to ensure your sectional sofa meets your needs for a lifetime of happy sitting.

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