Vases and Bowls


Unique Vases & Bowls

Adding a pop of personality to your home can be as simple as selecting a few accent pieces such as vases, trays, planters and decorative bowls. Sophisticated and stylish, a vase is more than merely a knick-knack. You can use it to liven up a windowsill or dining table with a few fresh cut flowers or a single silk blossom in a bud vase, or group a few vases of differing shapes and sizes together to create a charming focal point beside a fireplace or on a bookcase.

If your living space could use some natural beauty, opt for planters potted with a few lush houseplants for an inviting display that’s quite literally a breath of fresh air. Consider arranging a vase and favorite decorative objects in a nesting tray to create an organized look that’s just right on a countertop or elegantly styled coffee table. Browse through any favorite interior decorating magazine and you’ll realize vases can be used to make a big impact in homes from contemporary to traditional and are a must-have for Mid-century modern enthusiasts. Turn your living space into a showroom from our selection of decorative vases and planters today.

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