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Real Wood, No Filler

Beauty is more than surface deep. You can count on us for real, responsibly-sourced hardwood furniture built for strength and style.

Quality construction and materials

There is no compromise when it comes to furnishing for your home. All of our pieces begin with the highest quality materials we could find, most of them sourced right here in the United States. Made to the same high standards as all of our furniture, each one of our upholstery and exposed wood frames is built using a process called kiln-drying. This engineered hardwood, widely recognized as the gold standard for construction, eliminates moisture and ensures durability. Just another example that we're always raising the bar on quality

Natural characteristics

We like our exposed wood tables, chairs and storage pieces au naturel. Made with 100% all-natural hardwoods, they proudly feature unique characteristics and perfect imperfections such as intricate wood grain patterns and varying coloration that can only be made by mother nature herself. We hand seal and lacquer each piece to a glossy finish in order to protect and enhance the true beauty of your one-of-a-kind furniture.

Fine finish

Wonder how our furniture achieves such a smooth, glossy finish? Our master artisans prep each piece of wood furniture by hand, first sanding and then sealing in the pores before applying a layer of lacquer to capture that lustrous sheen. Trust us, it only looks too good to touch. This clear coating ensures your furniture is durable and resistant to damage.

Natural wood stains

The legs and bases of our timeless sofas and chairs are made from solid American beech wood and hand-stained in a rich mocha. Warm and inviting, our hand-applied mocha wood tint’s rich lustre adds depth and character to your wood’s natural grain, enhancing its beauty. Transcending style and design, mocha’s a great choice because of its versatility and ability to play well with any decor. It also matches our Walnut exposed wood perfectly.

Inside our workshop

Take a look at the expert craftsmanship happening inside our busy woodshop.
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Hands On

We take a hands-on approach to every step of the build process. Each leg and base is hand-rubbed by our craftsmen in the stain of your choice and carefully applied in the direction of the wood grain. To guarantee maximum absorption and even color distribution, we give your furniture 24 hours to completely dry. The result? An heirloom-quality piece of furniture you'll want to show off.


We use high-quality wood veneers in our storage pieces like wall units and credenzas, not to cut corners, but to guarantee that every corner of your furniture is secure. Our wood veneer overlays ensures consistency in grain patterns and it increases the overall structural integrity.

Our eco-friendly promise

We work hard to source materials that are healthy for you and your family. Our solid wood furniture is constructed from responsibly forested maple, cherry and walnut. We even strive to use non-toxic materials and finishes, including our water-based, low-VOC stains and glues.

A kiln-dried foundation

Kiln-dried hardwood has long been a hallmark of quality furniture, and we use it in all of our frames. The kiln-drying process removes moisture, minimizing swelling and shrinking and ensuring your wood will never warp, crack, bend or split. You have our word on that.

Made to last

Our attention to detail in design, material and craftsmanship is unmatched. And so is our commitment to your satisfaction. With our lifetime warranty, your furniture is guaranteed free from manufacturer defects. If you're not happy, we'll take it back and replace it, no problem.

Wood Care

With good care, your Joybird wood furniture should last for generations to come. Extend it's life by dusting frequently with a soft, dry cloth or lightly spritz your cleaning cloth with water, a spray dusting agent or wood polish. Avoid position your furniture in areas where it will sit in direct sunlight or air conditioning, which can fade the color of the natural wood. Finally, maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels to prevent warping, swelling or shrinking.

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