Apartment Furniture


Apartment Furniture Collection

Browse our apartment furniture collection to find the perfect piece to match your smaller space. From apartment sofas to apartment chairs and more, our apartment furniture can easily match your interior decor with customized wood grain, fabric colors or leather options.

At Joybird, we believe that it’s just as important for your apartment to feel like a home. And even though an apartment may be temporary, your furniture doesn’t have to be. The key to decorating an apartment space is to invest in multi-functional apartment furniture that will last for well beyond your lease agreement. That’s why we’ve created apartment furniture that is versatile and functional enough to fit into your life now and grow with you.

Tips for selecting apartment furniture

No matter how big or small your apartment is, knowing the dimensions of your space is critical when it comes to home design. Every inch needs to count in order to avoid making your apartment feel cramped, over-cluttered, or incomplete. Our storage pieces, entertainment hubs, and seating options are designed to keep your home feeling as spacious as possible. We keep that in mind as we custom-make your pieces to promote organization and versatile function.

Transform your space with apartment furniture

With the help of our apartment furniture collection, you can transform the look and feel of your home. Use our design tips and advice to find out which of our pieces will fit into your space the best. We offer completely made-to-order furniture based on your fabric, wood stain, and cushion preferences so we can make something extraordinary. Our team focuses on the details of each design to make it perfect for you.

Our love of the mid-century and modern eras has coalesced into beautiful pieces of apartment furniture that are perfect for smaller spaces. We take inspiration from architecture greats like Frank Lloyd Wright, Ray Eames, and Florence Knoll to achieve clean lines, functional designs, and beautiful pieces you’re sure to love. Shop our full line of unique apartment furniture to find your perfect piece, or view our selection of Small Space Furniture for even more choices.

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