Scrumptious curved edges, a straight profile and endless flexibility, this armless chair is truly furniture that can grow with you.
Designing the sectional or conversation pit of your dreams has never been easier than with the adaptable Logan Modular Armless Chair. Minimal details ensure it maintains a look that will enhance your home for a lifetime, while solid construction makes sure it lasts at least that long and more.

The Missing Piece

This mighty modular is the piece that pull your whole creation together. Want a couch that stretches into infinity? Simply keep adding armless chairs. Need a flexible sofa that can double as a loveseat at a moment’s notice? Pop this chair in and out to get as cozy and comfortable as you wish.

Mod, Mod World

Modular to the max, sectional components like this allow you to buy what you need when you need it; then expand if your living situation changes. Made from solid kiln-dried hardwood and premium foam, it’s a sturdy piece that’s still easy to get up the stairs and through doorways should you be on the move.
Customer Spaces
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Logan Features


A straight sofa back provides firm support while a low back encourages a bit of lounging.


Oodles of premium trillium foam over a kiln-dried wood frame give the Logan a firm, pleasing feel.


With a height that should suit almost anyone, the Logan is sized to please and is as easy to stand up from as it is to sink into.