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A Guide to Boho Style

Dive head first into this effortlessly chic design style.

Bold and unconventional, bohemian style incorporates an eclectic mix of natural and retro elements for a look that’s relaxed yet curated. Which type of boho style do you prefer?


Punctuated by organic textures, like jute, caning, and leather, the Naturalist tends to gravitate towards a combo of neutral and earth tones and a plethora of plants.


Lovers of unique flea market finds and one of a kind pieces, the Vintage boho is known for effortlessly combining deep, bold colors, ornate patterns, and retro pieces.


Sleek and chic, the Modernist tends to gravitate towards natural stone materials, lighter woods like oak and teak, and pieces with streamlined silhouettes.


Never shy when it comes to a little pizazz, the Glam lover is drawn to soft textures like velvets in bold colors, maximalist patterns, gleaming gold details and polished marble pieces.

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