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Lewis Sofa

74 Reviews
$1495 - $1709
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Go big on style with the slightly oversized silhouette of this cool, contemporary and insanely inviting sofa.
Built to be enjoyed for a lifetime, the Lewis Sofa is so enticing you may never want to leave it. So go ahead. Curl up against those deep, roomy cushions and take a good look at the care and craftsmanship that went into every inch of this delightfully spacious seating. Your backside and your living space will both thank you for your excellent choice in furniture.
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Max Relax

The art of modern relaxation has been perfected from top to bottom in a sofa so plush and comfortable, it’s simply begging to be enjoyed. Filled with an cushiony down-like fiber topper, the unexpected combination of both casual slouch and comfy support is a winner in any setting. Finally, design enthusiasts and couch potatoes both have a sofa they can agree on.

The High Life

We scaled things up a bit when it came to creating the Lewis Sofa. From the overstuffed cushions to its height and oversized profile, it makes the perfect centerpiece for living large. Built on a solid, kiln-dried wood frame and upholstered in your choice of fabric, it boasts a modern, relaxed look that’s just the breath of fresh air your living space needs.

Product Specs

83" x 42" Height: 32"
75" x 28" x 18"
Arm Height
4" x 28"
Kiln dried hardwood. Once assembled, frames are wrapped in 2lb foam exceeding industry standards. Made with responsibly-sourced wood. Center leg included.
2.0 high density polyurethane foam combined with layers of fiber for superior seating comfort. Contains no flame retardants or harmful chemicals.
Solid wood. An center leg is provided to increase the lifespan of the structural support and integrity of the upholstery.
Seat-sinuous spring back with poly webbing. Back-Poly webbing.
Glued, stapled and screwed to ensure frame stability and longevity.
Screw on legs
Loose back; loose seat
Glue and Stains
Water-based, low-VOC
Weight Limit
1000 lbs.
Size Variance
Dimensions of bench-made upholstery may vary slightly.
Product Care
Vacuum regularly with a vacuum attachment.
Do not expose upholstered pieces to direct sunlight.
Use a cleaning product that corresponds with your fabric's cleaning code. Always blot stains; never rub. Use a clean, dry, white cloth.
Water. Use only water based cleaning products.
Solvent. Use only water free cleaning solvents.
Customer Spaces
Take a look at how our customers styled their spaces with this product
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Lewis Features


Built for lounging, the oversized silhouette encourages casual relaxation while fiber-filled cushions provide just enough firm support.


Supremely comfortable and plush, the overstuffed, down-like feel keeps things cozy year after year.


With a higher than average height and somewhat oversized silhouette, even the tallest of loungers will feel right at home.

See why customers love the Lewis Sofa4.8 / 5 (74 Reviews)

Read real customer reviews and what they’re saying about this product.

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  • Bailey S
    Perfect for cuddling!
    Our couch just arrived a few days ago and we are in LOVE. The couch is comfortable, stylish, and wide. I'm 5'3" and my partner is 5'10" and neither of us can put our feet to the floor when sitting all the way back on the couch. This has made the couch perfect for cuddling during movie nights. We also ... 
  • Chloe B
    We love our Lewis Sofa!
    When looking for our first sofa as a married couple, my husband and I had very different priorities. He wanted it to be super comfortable and good to lounge on while I wanted something that was stylish and had a mid-century modern feel to it. The Lewis sofa was the perfect compromise! The sofa is the deepest sofa I've ever ... 
  • Melissa R
    perfect size for apartment setting.
  • Michelle
    I love my Lewis sofa SO MUCH
    Amazingly comfortable, solid, luscious fabric, gorgeous color. Big enough and comfy enough to be a bed for overnight guests. Easy to get up from and out of, which is important for when my parents visit. I am thrilled with my purchase and will be buying throw pillows in the same fabric.
  • Irene P
    Lewis Sofa
    Big , Beautiful and extremely Comfortable. It’s well made and looks fabulous! I absolutely love my new Sofa. Thank you to all who worked hard making this piece of furniture! I will definitely be buying more products from Joybird again!
  • Christine
    Awesome fabric, design and customer service
    Absolutely love our couch! We were quite hesitant to order a couch online because we haven't sat on one, let alone encounter a Joybird product before but I am so glad we did! We got the Cordova Eclipse fabric to go with our Modern Industrial look and while the copper tones in the fabric are a little subdued, ... 
  • Jacqueline S
    Choose Fabric wisely
    I love the size & design of our Lewis sofa but the fabric is not very soft. I did not realize this would be the texture or I would’ve chosen differently.
  • Sierra H
    Love, love, love
    I really love my Lewis Sofa! It completes my space and makes a statement without being too bold. It's supremely comfy and stylish. Delivery was easy and the couch was certainly worth the wait! Would recommend for apartment dwellers. :)
  • Katie P
    Considering giving up my bed for this couch!
    I love my Lewis sofa so much! It’s nice and deep so easy to get cozy with a blanket (or 4). I got it in the royale peacock and it’s the softest thing I’ve ever touched! My pets love it and it’s easy to remove their hair from. The cushion was immediately so comfortable and the pillows it comes with ... 
  • Madi S
    Comfortable Couch!
    Love this couch. It is so comfortable and as big as a single bed. Could definitely enjoy a great night sleep on this. I love the deep couch for a home. My couch is a little too deep for my clients at work but they all love the comfort. Had to get extra pillows to put on the back.
  • Hayley S
    Beautiful and quality couch
    I was so impressed with the quality and style of this couch, and the fact that it can withstand the perils of having two shedding dogs in the house. The couch is very comfortable and deep-It makes for a wonderful reading/napping couch, if that is what you are looking for!
  • Erica P
    Dream Couch
    This is my third couch I have purchased trying to replace my old one and third time is the charm! I had a certain amount of space to work with and this couch fit beautifully in my space right down to the color, depth, and comfort. Not too firm, not too soft, this is Goldilocks couch! Thank you joybird for making ... 
See all 74 Reviews

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